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Model CS-FX3

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Flux_4 oz Jar with Cap Brush
Flux is a key contributor to most soldering applications. It is a compound that is used to lift tarnish films from a metals surface, keep the surface clean during the soldering process, and aid in the wetting and spreading action of the solder. American Beauty has selected the most appropriate fluxes for the majority of applications for which its kits are intended, using only the highest quality chemicals and solvents.
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Features and Benefits
Cleans pipe upon application, allowing solder to run more smoothly around the pipe. Water-soluble paste will not leave residue in water piping.

Meets industry standard ASTM B813 and contains no zinc chloride to reduce corrosion concerns.

Non-acid, non-toxic, and lead-free to eliminate safety concerns. RoHS Compliant.

Cap Brush allows for easy application of flux without requiring additional brushes.