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Model 105PTM

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Resistance Soldering Precision Timer Module
RoHS legislation had required ITT to switch to a new lead-free solder with a substantially higher melt temperature than normal. At its best, our automated soldering system would run at 80% efficiency for only a couple hours before breakdowns and servicing were required. In desperation, we began rooting through surplus equipment from a sister plant when we came across an American Beauty resistance soldering system. After in-house testing and one-on-one advice from American Beauty's product support team, we were able to integrate American Beauty's 1,100 watt power unit and precision timer module into our automated equipment. Today we are running at close to 100% efficiency and have the ability to refine our process further than we thought possible.

Aurthur P, ITT, Newton, MA

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We have found that spending a little extra time and money ensuring that you have the absolute correct set-up makes all the difference in the world when you come up against difficult soldering jobs. American Beauty offers a wide array of accessories to our line of resistance soldering systems. Take a moment to learn just how one of these items may improve your current process.