Model # 105B2

1,100 Watt Selectively-Variable Resistance Soldering Power Unit


RoHS legislation had required ITT to switch to a new lead-free solder with a substantially higher melt temperature than normal. At its best, our automated soldering system would run at 80% efficiency for only a couple hours before breakdowns and servicing were required. In desperation, we began rooting through surplus equipment from a sister plant when we came across an American Beauty resistance soldering system. After in-house testing and one-on-one advice from American Beauty's product support team, we were able to integrate American Beauty's 1,100 watt power unit and precision timer module into our automated equipment. Today we are running at close to 100% efficiency and have the ability to refine our process further than we thought possible.

Aurthur P, ITT, Newton, MA
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Product Overview
The backbone of any resistance soldering system is a high quality power unit. American Beauty's resistance power units are recognized industry-wide for their performance, reliability and safety. Common features include fail-safe devices to ensure ultimate user safety, flexibility to operate a variety of hand pieces, and our outstanding three-year warranty, guaranteeing the product to be free from manufacture defect and to work properly under normal operating conditions.


1,100 Watts (5.8 VAC) of Power with 23 unique settings (*Do not switch power settings while under load.*) provides the maximum output for handpieces that utilize tapered pin connection styles.

Heavy-Duty Steel case protects your investment for a lifetime.

Extensively tested for CE & RoHS compliance, ensuring the highest level of operator health & safety.

Tapered pin receptacles allow for quick interchange of hand pieces.


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Resistance soldering can overcome problems associated with many extreme heat-sinking conditions
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Thermal wire stripping large diameter wires using American Beauty resistance soldering equipment
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Connection TypeTapered Pins
Wattage1100 watts
Available in a 220-240 VAC?Yes, available upon request
Product Length8.75 in / 22.23 cm
Product Width7.75 in / 19.69 cm
Product Height6.75 in / 17.15 cm
Package Dimensions (Inches)14x14x10
Package Weight22.20 lbs / 10.07 kg
Country of OriginUS
Harmonization Code:8515.11.0000
RoHS CompliantYes
IEC 60335-1, Edition 5.1, 2013-12Yes
WEEE CompliantYes
CE CertifiedYes
Warranty PolicyDetails
User ManualUser Manual
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