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Resistance Soldering

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American Beauty Resistance Soldering Systems

A Better Way to Get the Job Done

American Beauty offers the most advanced and complete line of resistance soldering systems available anywhere in the world. Here are just a few of the advantages that you will find with resistance soldering systems:

  • Smash Operational Bottlenecks - Concentrated heat reduces solder time many times over.
  • Improve Solder Joint Quality - Poor solder joints are often the result of insufficient heat throughout the joint, creating weak spots.
  • Eliminate Thermal Damage - Traditional soldering methods introduce too much heat into surrounding areas damaging critical components or desoldering of previously soldered joints.
  • Reduce Liability - Light-weight hand pieces cool within seconds greatly reducing likelihood of repetitive strain injury and virtually eliminating the burn risk for the user.

Stop trying to perform your difficult soldering operation the same old way with the same old tools. If you have any doubts, try our Free In-house Test & Evaluation to ease your mind, before you buy.

** Unless otherwise stated in Product Name, all American Beauty items are wired for Low Voltage Current (110-120 VAC) with North American Cordsets (Nema 5-15). **

Your equipment arrived exactly as expected, on time and in excellent condition. American Beauty Tools' service was exemplary in both communication and delivery of service. Great work.