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Model 105TLRT

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Tinel-Lock Ring Application Tool
American Beauty Tools has always manufactured the power unit and foot-switch in what is commonly referred to as system RH-396X. After years of listening to our customers attempt to source the hand-piece and complete system, we have taken action. We completely reverse engineered the Tinel-lock ring hand-piece portion of the the system. We guarantee that our system will perform to the exact same standards as the original RH-396X.

Our Model 105TLRT includes the recovery hand-piece, the 250 watt power-unit and activation foot-switch. For international customers, the system is available in a high-voltage version. Add to cart and follow the instructions for International Guests to receive a quote.

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Features and Benefits
Tinel-Lock adaptors are used to terminate copper, tin or silver plated cable braid to the rear of circular connectors using a shape memory metal ring that shrinks uniformly to secure the braid when heated.

Resistance systems ensure uniform heating throughout the Tinel-lock rings

The Tinel-Lock rings have a thermo-chromic paint dot that changes colour when the correct installation temperature has been reached.