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Model 3198-550

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550 Watt, 1-1/8" Heavy-Duty Soldering Iron
My new electric soldering iron is my new favorite tool. First off its silent; my propane iron is so loud I that I can't hear myself think. Imagine working in your office with a running motorcycle parked next to your desk.

Second, it holds heat unbelievably well, I can fully solder three panels without having to pause to let the iron heat back up. With its constant and even heat I am able to make more consistent seams with faster production times. With my propane iron I was able to fully solder around forty panels in an eight hour period, with the American Beauty 550W electric iron I was averaging around sixty panels in the same eight hours. This tool paid for itself before lunchtime on the second day.

Third, it is a breeze to set up, all I need up on the roof is a heavy gauge extension cord. Just plug it in, set up your work area and in five minutes the iron is up to operating temperature. With propane or acetylene I need the tank, the hose, the ignitor, something to hold the tank and a nearby fire extinguisher. With the electric iron I don't have to worry about running out of gas, which always seems to happen at 5:45pm on the last two feet of seam to be soldered, that means coming back the next day and that costs money.

Tom P @ Lyons Contraction in Alexandria, VA

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Users of this product have stated that they use it for several jobs which include but are not limited to:
  1. Melting sealant on PTFE flexible stadium roofs
  2. Testing fire/heat detectors in no-flame areas (gas stations)
  3. Soldering stainless steel roofing and flashing
  4. Soldering 14 gauge and thinner copper gutters, awnings, roofs and flashing
  5. Soldering down Spout to 1/2 Round Copper Gutter
  6. Soldering 3/4"Dia. pipe to an aluminum water pan
  7. Joining barrels of shotgun with 'ribs'
  8. Soldering copper conductor tubes to industrial size capacitor coil packages
  9. Soldering commercial sheetmetal soldering in locations where propane and open flames are prohibited (hospitals, refineries, etc.)
  10. Soldering wire cloth dandy roll on paper machine
  11. Soldering copper conductor tubes to industrial size capacitor coil packages
  12. Reflowing heat welding polyester felt into a tube
  13. Soldering battery cables on aircraft
  14. Melting drive belts for conveyor systems
  15. Soldering to make lead flashings
  16. Cutting rope and nylon webbing
  17. Soldering on large electric motors
  18. Soldering flat panel roofing