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Model # 615

Turned Down Screwdriver Style Soldering Tip


American Beauty's entrance into the digital solder pot market is a life saver. Shipping from stock vs waiting months...its a no-brainer. I've asked our procurement department to order the D-300 as a replacement to the PD-24.

Matt K ~ Savannah, GA
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Product Overview
Any tradesman worth their salt will tell you, "If you want a job to turn out right, you've got to start with the right materials." We incorporate that philosophy into our soldering tips. Every American Beauty Paragon soldering tip starts with a solid core of Tellurium Copper. We know of no better alloy that combines the characteristics of high thermal conductivity with corrosion resistance required for effective soldering.

Subsequently, all tips then undergo a multitude of processes that include iron cladding, nickel plating, chrome coating and pre-tinning. Each process is conducted in a clean environment to prevent contamination and ensure proper material adherence. The end result is a soldering tip that provides optimal performance over a long life span.

Features and Benefits
All American Beauty Paragon Soldering Tips are Lead Free and RoHS compliant making them perfectly suitable for your greener environment.

Paragon Iron-Clad Lead-Free Soldering Iron Tips consistently outperform and outlast ordinary soldering iron tips many times over. Plug-style tip design provides for superior heat transfer and easy cleaning.

Click on Similar Products link to reveal other tip styles with matching diameter to this tip. American Beauty routinely stocks all of the most popular styles of soldering tips.

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Re-tinning your soldering tip
Technical Specifications
Tapered Distance of Working Area.5 in / 1.27 cm
Thickness of Working Area.035 in / 0.09 cm
Width of Working Area.0625 in / 0.16 cm
Tip ConfigurationTurned-Down Screwdriver
Tip Diameter.1875 in
Tip Length2.25 in / 5.72 cm
Product Width1.00 in / 2.54 cm
Product Height.25 in / 0.64 cm
Package Weight.01 lbs / 0.00 kg
Country of OriginCN
RoHS CompliantYes
Understanding Tip MeasurementsExplanation
Safety Data SheetsDownload
Warranty PolicyDetails
Product Lgth2.50
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