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Model 105RFS

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Standard Capacity Reflow System
Wirestripping and Reflow systems differ from the other styles ofresistance soldering systems, as these systems pass a controlledcurrent through a closed-loop resistive material, creating a hotformedwire that can be used to strip insulating jackets off wires(including Teflon and other PTFE-type materials), used as a hotknifeto melt and trim plastics and waxes, reflow solder balls, andeven perform some wood burning.
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Features and Benefits
250 Watts of (2.6 VAC) Infinitely Variable Power permits quick stripping and reflow without excess thermal damage

Light-weight, palm-sized hand piece minimizes operator fatigue.

Footswitch permits hands-free activation of power, vastly improving control of your applications and virtually eliminating the sparking that is common with other brands of resistance based systems.