Trouble shooting a 100 Watt American Beauty Power unit (Model 105A3)

Andrew G shared the following:

I have a 100 watt resistance soldering power unit (Model 105A3) that just quit working. I would like to know if there is a fuse that is internal that could be the problem, or is there any component that usually goes on these? I have had my system for about 5 years without issue. I have a pretty good grasp on electronic theory and would prefer to fix the unit myself. Any advice you can give me will be appreciated.

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  • You will find a step-by-step troubleshooting guide linked to the scroll bar at the bottom of our web-site home page. Looking on the back of the power unit you will find either a circuit breaker or a fuse holder depending upon the age of the unit. If it has a circuit breaker you will see a white strip if it has been tripped. Push this in (do not pull it out) to re-set the breaker. If it has a fuse holder take the fuse out and check it for continuity to see if it has blown. If it has a blown fuse it should be replaced with a new replacement fuse (contact us for specifics). If that initial trouble shooting did not prove fruitful, we have one more check prior to opening the casing. Use an AC volt meter to test for output at the tapered-pin receptacles. Occassionaly the run light itself dies, leaving the user to believe the unit isn’t producing power, when in actuality you still have power. If you have no voltage showing, then we are talking an internal problem, likely voltage controller or transformer. It might now be time to contact us and arrange for a factory evaluation.