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How to select the correct soldering iron tip: The Important Factors

A guide to choosing the most appropriate tip for your intended soldering application

The soldering iron tip is the part of the iron that is used to transfer heat from the element to the work pieces that are being soldered. The size, composition and configuration of the tip being chosen should be determined by the requirements of the intended application and by the work environment that it will be used in. There could even be rare instances where a custom tip may be desired.


Choosing the correct tip will greatly increase your chances of creating a quality solder joint. It is very important for you to match both the tip and the iron to the soldering application that it will be used on. It is always a good idea to make sure in advance that the desired tips size and configuration are readily available for the type of irons that you have chosen to use. Always remember that a good quality solder joint is rarely achieved by using improper, or inappropriate tools, materials, or equipment.