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  • AB customer in TX says:

    Would your Tweezer Style Resistance Soldering System be suitable for silver soldering?

    • eric says:

      The short answer is yes, American Beauty resistance soldering/brazing equipment can reach temperatures significantly higher than the 600°F you require for ‘silver soldering’. It is really a matter of matching the right equipment to the required task. More specifically, you want to ensure the resistance system you select generates enough power for the mass you are trying to heat. We offer free In-house Test and Evaluation if you wish to be sure before purchasing.

  • Stephane Joncas says:

    Hi, A friend of mine just gave me a 105B2 American Beauty resistance soldering unit. I believe it has a capacity of 1100 watts.

    I am mostly soldering brass and copper, some plates being sometimes as thick as 3/32″.

    I would like to know what type of hand piece (tweezer type) would be most appropriate with that unit.
    Also, can it be used with a pedal?



  • Stephane Joncas says:

    As a continuation of the previous comment, I am thinking about the 105158 handpiece, with something like 1/4″ electrodes.

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