Clarification of Wattage Difference (1,000 or 1,800 Watts)

AB Customer in WI, USA – “I have an older American Beauty Resistance soldering power unit (Model 105C1) marked as a 1,000 watt power unit.  I was checking out your website for information regarding this product and found that the Model 105C1 is now an 1,800 Watt power unit.”  Can you help clarify the difference?

4 Responses to Clarification of Wattage Difference (1,000 or 1,800 Watts)

  • solderingguru says:

    The Model 105C1 Power Unit that you found on our web-site is the same as the one you currently own. Approximately 10 years ago, when we (American Beauty Tools) were undergoing quality certification testing for CE labeling, we discovered that wattage ratings were being quantified differently. The new method for recording maximum wattage showed that a few of our power units were putting out more wattage than previously thought. We made the change in labeling to reflect the new test results, but rest assured that your model 105C1 (which shows 1000 watts) and the new model 105C1 (which shows 1800 watts) have the identical output and operate on the same supply voltage 110-120vac, 50/60Hz.

  • keith phelps says:

    i have a 3138 100 watts and i need a new tip but i can not turn the screw do i have to drill it out?

    • eric says:

      That usually works just fine. If you wish, for the rest of the month of August, we are performing repairs at no labor charge. Since there are no parts involved in the job your requesting, if you ship in the iron, we’ll drill out the set-screw, retap the hole and provide a new screw, all free of charge. Please contact us at if you wish to proceed in that manner. Thanks for your reply.

  • I just purchased an American Beauty T-6 micro soldering iron for my collection. I have no background on the specs or what years it was manufactured. Any information you could provide would be helpful. It will be a nice addition to my collection of vintage soldering irons.