How to Charge your Solder Pot

Today I’d like to share/blog/repost a question we received via email over the weekend from a lead technician using our new MiniPOT.  (Model MP-9)

Greetings. I work as an electronics technician and we recently bought your miniPot.  It has come to my attention that a spool of solder was introduced into the pot for its initial charge. I understand that there was yellow bubbles forming at the top and some black residue jumping out of the top. I have never set up my own solder pot so I want to know is this normal? Was the wrong type of solder used? Was there damage likely done to the crucible’s surface? I have attached a photo with the solder cooled down and the solder used.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

One Response to How to Charge your Solder Pot

  • solderingguru says:

    The problem that has occurred is that the solder pot was charged using a rosin core solder wire. It is never a good idea to introduce flux into a solder pot unless it is a cover flux specifically designed for this purpose. There should be no damage to the crucible, the flux from the rosin core solder reacts to the heat and spatters and burns. You should be able to find the same alloy 60/40 solder available in bar or ingot form for use with the solder pot. You will want to carefully remove the burned flux and dross from the pot when it is reheated. I hope the information provided is helpful in understanding and resolving this problem.