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A few minutes a week will vastly improve the performance and prolong the life of your American Beauty Soldering Irons.

A new line of soldering iron maintenance kits that were developed to assure top performance and long life for heavy-duty industrial soldering irons is being introduced by American Beauty Soldering Tools of Clawson, Michigan.

American Beauty Soldering Iron Maintenance Kits include everything necessary to remove flux residue, contamination, and oxidation that build up between the inside of the iron's heating element and the surface of the heavy-duty tip. Requiring very little time, regular maintenance promotes optimum heat transfer and prolongs the life of any industrial soldering iron, claims the firm.

Packaged in handy storage cases, American Beauty Soldering Iron Maintenance Kits contain five special spiral brushes, steel wire brush, and flexible non-woven abrasive pads that wrap around a tips' shank. The spiral brushes have 1/4" hex shanks to fit most drills.  One kit will service any of our irons from Models 3112 upto 3198, just order kit CS-ABKIT..

American Beauty Soldering Iron Maintenance Kits are priced from $31. 

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