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American Beauty tools offers full-line of ergo-style soldering irons

Soldering can be a challenge. Workers have to deal with the heat, fumes and weight of the soldering iron. We developed the Ergo-style soldering iron to make it a little easier by reducing the tension on operator's hand and wrist. 

American Beauty heavy-duty soldering irons are ideal for production-line environments and challenging jobs that standard tools simply are not equipped to tackle.  But American Beauty Tools didn't stop there as they now tackled operator down-time and improved comfort.  Standard stick-style soldering irons often cause unnecessary stress on the operator's wrist and hand.  A near 90 degree angle in their new ergo-style (aka. hatchet irons and angle irons) soldering iron's casing allows the user to operate the iron from an ergonomically comfortable position.  One of the most costly expenses for a manufacturer today is down-time caused by operator injury and on top of that list, for soldering, is wrist injuries related to carpel tunnel syndrome.  Additionally, the improvements to operator comfort directly affects their rate and quality of production output.

American Beauty Tools confirms that their new ergo-style soldering irons perform to the same exacting standards as their straight heavy-duty soldering irons and are covered by the same warranty. Created by compression winding a special Ni-Chrome heating alloy onto a steel spool, all elements demonstrate an unsurpassed heat capacity and outstanding durability. Their protective casings are cut from a single block of steel and strengthened with multiple heat treatments and precision brazed for optimal strength and efficiency.  American Beauty Tools challenges anyone to find a tougher and more ergonomically-friendly soldering iron on the market today.

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