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American Beauty Digital Mil-Spec Solder Pots

Temperature Control?  We Got That!

Your digital solder pot isn't cheap, but at least you sleep easy at night knowing you're operating within that very thight Mil-Spec temperature range.  But are you?  What happens to your piece of mind when, just prior to use, your technician cleans off the pot's surface dross with a room temperature spatula?  Our one pounder and mid-capacity pots feature a removable, integrated dross-skimmer that eliminates this unneccesary fluxuation.  

  • American Beauty's Digital Solder pots exceed the requirements of military specifications ANSI (J-STD-001B) and Navy WS-6536E.  
  • The pots control temperatures to ±5ºF (±2.75ºC) of a preselected setting from ambient to 925ºF (496ºC).
  • Digital LCD temperature displays both preset and actual temperature in both ºF & ºC.

We offer cross referenced options for Plato's discontinued SP-500TP and ETI's PD24 and PD33 as well as our one-of-a-kind Digital Mil-Spec MiniPOT.

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American Beauty's entrance into the digital solder pot market is a life saver. Shipping from stock vs waiting months...its a no-brainer. I've asked our procurement department to order the D-300 as a replacement to the PD-24.

Matt K ~ Savannah, GA
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