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American Beauty Soldering Accessories

For All of your Soldering Needs!

American Beauty offers an extensive array of soldersfluxes and other useful soldering accessories such as desoldering braid, heat-sinks, solder suckers, sponges and much more.

Our solders are sourced through trusted industry partners to ensure that only the finest tin and other metals are used during production. We currently offer three different sizes. ranging from .032" to 1/4" bar stock. If you don't see the size you require, send us a quick email and we'll look into expanding our offering to meet your needs. Additionally, our fluxes incorporate only the highest quality chemicals and solvents helping ensure optimal solder adhesion. Use our Dri-Wick Desoldering Braid to salvage high value parts and components.

Many of our accessories can also be found in either our Soldering Iron Maintenance Kit or any of our Professional Soldering Kits.

I just wanted to express sincere appreciation for the time you dedicated to me this afternoon to review the lead-free solder question as it relates to your product. It's extremely rare when any manufacturer anywhere takes such an interest in [very] a small customer. It's real old school. And it's always nice to speak with someone in the States, and more, someone who obviously knows his product intimately. I'm used to either gum-cracking teenagers who's only thought is how to get off the line as quickly as possible, or some guy on the other side of the world reading through a badly translated on-line manual for a product he's never touched. That's the way it goes today...

Brian - NY
American Beauty Soldering Tools
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