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Soldering for Modelers

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Resistance Soldering for the Home Hobbyist

Experience the SuperChief

Expert modelers have long chosen American Beauty soldering tools because they have learned the hard way that trying to save a buck or two on cheap imported stick irons doesn't pay off. Resistance soldering turns a chore into a craft. With three unique systems, we've made the power of resistance available to everyone. The SuperChief family is built around a 250 watt power unit that allows modelers to tackle a wide range of jobs, from wire to rail, scratch builds and engine repair & refurbs. The tweezer handpiece permits the user to solder in tight locations and hold items in place to ensure correct alignment. If you wish to add the functionality of a single probe handpiece, step up to our SC250-SPC. Finally, if you desire all the bells and whistles, then our SC250-DLX is for you, which includes both style handpieces and a hands-free vise that can make your soldering process almost as much fun as your hobby itself!

By practicing on a discarded pieces of track, anyone can learn how to be a pro at soldering onto rails without melting any plastic ties or parts! So we can only say THANK YOU for making a great product that saves us time and money.

Bob P. @ North American Prototype Modelers in Milwaukee, WI