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Model 10502

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Light Capacity Tweezer-Style Resistance Soldering System
I have successfully used your 250W Light Capacity Tweezer-Style Resistance Soldering System for the last 4 years. Its been a while since I visited your site and WOW was I pleasantly surprised. I want to complement the system I have with a new soldering iron. I love your products, quality and service. You are not the cheapest, but you ARE the best.

Tim H. from the United States of America

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Users of this product have stated that they use it for several jobs which include but are not limited to:
  1. Soldering wire terminations 18 AWG and finer
  2. Soldering fiber optic cable into gold plated termination
  3. Soldering lead wires to multi-pin tap switch & military connectors
  4. Soldering component leads for through hole PCB assembly
  5. Repairing fine jewelry
  6. Repairing cable assemblies in submarines
  7. Soldering delicate photo etch brass & stainless
  8. Soldering microwave cable assemblies
  9. Soldering in process of jewelry making
  10. Removing an oxidized screw by heating
  11. Soldering RF Connector PINs
  12. Soldering surface mounted componet repairs
  13. Repairing electrical and metal soldering joints
  14. Repairing surface mount componets
  15. Soldering parts/components onto aircraft
  16. Soldering connectors on Remote Control Helicopters
  17. Welding wire for solid oxide fuel cell applications