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Soldering Pots

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American Beauty Soldering Pots

Rough & Tough

American Beauty solder pots are recognized throughout the industry for superior performance and reliable control of solder temperature. Customers have used phrases such as; bullet proof and glutton for punishment when describing their American Beauty pots. If your need is a solder pot that will work day after day, month after month, this is the product for you. Common uses include tinning the ends of stranded wire leads, pre-tinning small electrical parts, re-tinning soldering iron tips and dip soldering small circuit boards. Dross skimmers are available for all pots, providing a safer and more efficient dross removal method than paddles, spoons or sticks that contaminate solder and lower temperature.

Click here to learn why our solder pots are perfectly suited for today's lead-free environment.

Want to save time and money? Ask us about prefilling your solder pot for you!

** Unless otherwise stated in Product Name, all American Beauty items are wired for Low Voltage Current (110-120 VAC) with North American Cordsets (Nema 5-15). **