Digital Mil-Spec Solder Pots ~ Dropping February 1, Pre-order your´s today

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Model D-300

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Digital Mil-Spec Solder Pot (1lbs)
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Compare to Plato´s discontinued SP-500TP and Esico PD24.

Your digital solder pot isn´t cheap, but at least you sleep easy at night knowing you´re operating within that very tight Mil-Spec temperature range. But are you? What happens to your piece of mind when, just prior to use, your technician cleans off the surface dross with aroom temperature spatula. Uh oh!

American Beauty Tools is making its long awaited entry into Digital, Mil-Spec Compliant Solder Pots. Available in Mini, 1 Pound and 2-½ Pound sizes, we have combined our reputation for rugged durabilitywith the latest in precision temperature control technology. Easily exceeding the tightest of military standards, only American Beauty offers a digital pot (1 and 2-½ lbs sizes only) with integrated drossskimmer functionality.

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Replacement Parts
The following products can be used as replacements for Model D-300 featured on this page:

Model Product NamePrice
302Replacement Dross Skimmer for 1 Pound Solder Pot$21.00
9301-2XSolder Pot Replacement Part - Pair of Heating Elements for for 1 Pound Pot$60.00