Digital Mil-Spec Solder Pots ~ Dropping February 1, Pre-order your´s today

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Model D-600

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Digital Mil-Spec Solder Pot (2.5 lbs)
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Compare to Esico PD33.

Your digital solder pot isn´t cheap, but at least you sleep easy at night knowing you´re operating within that very tight Mil-Spec temperature range. But are you? What happens to your piece of mind when, just prior to use, your technician cleans off the surface dross with a room temperature spatula. Uh oh!

American Beauty Tools is making its long awaited entry into Digital, Mil-Spec Compliant Solder Pots. Available in Mini, 1 Pound and 2-½ Pound sizes, we have combined our reputation for rugged durability with the latest in precision temperature control technology. Easily exceeding the tightest of military standards, only American Beauty offers a digital pot (1 and 2-½ lbs sizes only) with integrated dross skimmer functionality.

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Replacement Parts
The following products can be used as replacements for Model D-600 featured on this page:

Model Product NamePrice
602Replacement Dross Skimmer for 2-½ Pound Solder Pot$21.00
9300-2XSolder Pot Replacement Part - Pair of Heating Elements for 2-½ Pound Solder Pot$80.00