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Model 3178-300

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300 Watt, 7/8" Heavy-Duty Soldering Iron
First off I must congratulate your company for making the finest soldering iron I have ever used. I am in Jamaica and a construction manager by profession. I've worked a lot in marine construction throughout the Caribbean. I'm also an avid Ham Radio operator (6Y5MM) so I have used the tool so many times I can't begin to count. LOVE THE TOOL...keep on heating...

Mike M. in Jamaica

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Users of this product have stated that they use it for several jobs which include but are not limited to:
  1. Testing fire/heat detectors in no-flame areas (gas stations)
  2. Melting self-adhesive plastic onto itself
  3. Soldering connections during the manufacturing of motors
  4. Soldering sheet metal (20 gauge & thinner copper gutters, awnings, roofs and flashing)
  5. Soldering down Spout to 1/2 Round Copper Gutter
  6. Restoration of antique automotive starters
  7. Soldering fabricated letters made from sheet metal
  8. Soldering sculptural building/tool making
  9. Soldering Solder Blocks in Flat Braided Wire
  10. Restoration of galvanized tin trim & molding on 1915 row-home
  11. Heating Bolts
  12. Soldering copper wire connections
  13. Soldering and desoldering aircraft components
  14. Soldering connections on automobile auto-starters
  15. Soldering copperfoil, splicing high-voltage wire cables
  16. Reflowing solder for purpose of hermetically sealing instrumentation
  17. Assembly copper, lead coat copper, & brass lanterns
  18. Soldering Cable Splicing
  19. Soldering RF shielded enclosures
  20. Repairing auto-body damage