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American Beauty Tools has the solution to your supply issues.

Let me guess...you love your Luma soldering and brazing tools but you've been having a heck of a time getting your hands on new product.  What started as a concerning increase in lead times has morphed into unanswered calls, unreturned emails and potential production stoppages simply because you can't get replacement tools and electrodes.   As the world leader in resistance soldering and brazing equipment we either have comparable products already available from our American Beauty Tools resistance soldering product line or we put our developers on the task of creating our versions of their most popular items. 

Luma refered to their offerings as Solder Tools (or what we call Power Units), Solder Accessories (or what we break down as Handpieces, Electrodes and Footswitches) and Solder Pliers (which we also include as Handpieces).   To make things simple for you, we've created a chart that clearly calls out which American Beauty products cross-over to the Luma part you are looking to purchase.  There are a few Luma items that we are in the process of developing and should be ready by 4th quarter 2021.   And of course...if you don't see what you're looking for...we are always here (well...during business hours) to answer the phone and get to know you and your needs the old fashion way....talking to each other.

Solder Tools / Power units  

Luma Part Number Luma Description AB Part Number AB Description
551 900 Watts 105B2 1,100 Watts
626 1,800 Watt 105C1 1,800 Watts
641 2,500 Watt 105D1 3,000 Watts

Solder Accessories / Handpieces  

Luma Part Number Luma Description AB Part Number AB Availability
426 1/8" Double Carbon 105L426 1 Week
431 5/32" Double Carbon 105L431 1 Week
441 3/16" Double Carbon 105L441 4th Qtr 2021
451 1/4" Double Carbon 105L451 4th Qtr 2021
Luma-1-10587 Solder Pliers, #2 AWG 10587XL_5FT 1 Week
Luma-2-10587 Solder Pliers, #4 AWG 10587X_5FT 1 Week
Luma-1-10588 Solder Probes, #2 AWG 10588XL_5FT 1 Week
Luma-2-10588 Solder Probes, #4 AWG 10588X_5FT 1 Week
1932 1/4", Single Probe 10511I Stock
1951 1/2", Single Probe 10536 Stock
815 Footswitch 10519 Stock
811 Heavy Duty Footswtich 10519HW Stock

Solder Accessories / Electrodes  

Luma Part Number Luma Description AB Part Number AB Availability
321 3/32" Carbon Electrodes 105CE332_25 Stock
326 1/8" Carbon Electrodes 105CE18_25 Stock
331 5/32" Carbon Electrodes 105CE532_25 Stock
341 3/16" Carbon Electrodes 105CE316_25 Stock
351 1/4" Carbon Electrodes 105CE14_25 Stock
399 Carbon Electrode 10565 Stock
380 1/2"Dia, 4"Lgth, Copper Clad 10534 Stock


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