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Model 3178E-300

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300 Watt Heavy-Duty Ergo Iron
We are a small sheet metal fabrication company who recently lost our main shop guy who did all the soldering. He had replaced his older brother, who in turn had replaced his father. In total, I was looking at over 50 years of lost experience. I took advantage of your Test & Evaluation program and leaned on your excellent customer support to educate me on the 'art' of soldering. It's clear that not only do you have a real concern for your customer's needs, but a true confidence in the quality of your tools.

Tommy, Owner of Sheet Metal of Sedona
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Reaching a maximum tip temperature of 1,000°F, the American Beauty 300 Watt Ergo Iron is an industrial-duty soldering iron especially designed for professionals who depend on soldering for their livelihoods. Using a traditional stick-style soldering iron frequently causes wrist stress as the soldering iron has to be held at an awkward angle. The nearly 90 degree angle of the ergo iron allows the operator to use the soldering iron from a comfortable position, enabling them to focus on their work instead of their discomfort. (Stand Included)