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Model 3178E-300

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300 Watt Heavy-Duty Ergo Iron
We are a small sheet metal fabrication company who recently lost our main shop guy who did all the soldering. He had replaced his older brother, who in turn had replaced his father. In total, I was looking at over 50 years of lost experience. I took advantage of your Test & Evaluation program and leaned on your excellent customer support to educate me on the 'art' of soldering. It's clear that not only do you have a real concern for your customer's needs, but a true confidence in the quality of your tools.

Tommy, Owner of Sheet Metal of Sedona
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Users of this product have stated that they use it for several jobs which include but are not limited to:
  1. Restoration of copper flashings
  2. Soldering Copper, Zink, and Galvanized sheet metal.
  3. Soldering MRI RF Enclosures
  4. Soldering air duct to air-tight status
  5. Soldering vintage tube amplifier chassis
  6. Soldering a ground strap onto power cables
  7. Soldering action brackets in pianos
  8. Pre-tinning buss bars on transformers
  9. Cutting apart molded plastic parts
  10. Soldering alternator and starter rebuilding