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Model V3700

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Voltage Controller for Heavy-Duty Irons & Pots
Simply the best large soldering irons and accessories. Keeping up the quality and reputation of 'Made in USA'.

Gary G, G2 Racing, Galena, OH

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American Beauty Soldering irons are full output irons designed and built to produce a tremendous amount of heat. Incorporating a voltage controller into your soldering process prolongs the life of your soldering irons' heating element and tip, reduces the thermal damage caused by excess heat buildup and saves energy and down-time by idling your iron at breaks.This voltage controller is intended to use with almost our entire line of heavy-duty soldering irons, ranging from 60 to 300 Watts (Models 3125 to 3178). In addition, it can be used with our 1 lbs industrial solder pot (Models 300) to provide tighter control of temperature variation.