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Model V3700

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Voltage Controller for Heavy-Duty Irons & Pots
Simply the best large soldering irons and accessories. Keeping up the quality and reputation of 'Made in USA'.

Gary G, G2 Racing, Galena, OH

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Features and Benefits
Solid-state voltage regulating device incorporated in each controller permits tighter process control, longer heating element life and a reduction in damage resulting from excess thermal capacity. Each is described separately below:

Improved Solder Joint Quality:The ideal operating temperature of your soldering iron or pot should be comfortably over the eutectic point of your solder. Excess heat simply causes damage.

Longer heating element life: Remember the story about the tortoise and the hare? Enough said!

Tighter Process Control: Our internal tests have shown that by incorporating a voltage control with our Model 600 solder pot, we were able to achieve a temperature fluctuation of less than +/- 5°.