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Resistance Brazing Systems

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Specifically for USA & PSA Members

American Beauty resistance brazing systems tackle the challenging brazing jobs presented by sealed system refrigeration repairs. The process, which is quick and easy, results in high quality, life-long joints. Each system that you will find has been extensively tested by a leading US manufacturer and you can be confident they are suggesting the best method for brazing on sealed systems.  American Beauty offers the best systems for Resistance Brazing available on the market today.

System A is the preferred brazing system, combining ease of access, intense heat and robust hand-piece design. The power-unit’s 1,800 Watts easily permits the flameless brazing of any joint that you’ll encounter on any of your sealed system refrideragtion repairs. The hand-piece is comfortable to hold, easy to use, and built to last a life-time. Its electrodes have been designed specifically by leading experts in the field.

Powered by the identical power-unit as System A, System B features a palm-sized hand-piece which brings you closer to your work. This offers the benefit of even greater accessibility, however it usually requires the user to wear a thermally protective glove. Electrodes are 1/4" in width, generate extreme levels of heat once activated, and require slightly more care during handling and storage to prevent breakage.

System C offers the best of both worlds and the greatest value. Technicians can choose the hand-piece they are most comfortable with for each specific braze joint. Switching between hand-pieces is quick and simple. Power-unit and foot-switch activation is identical to Systems A & B.